Uncommon Places to Get Tattoos

There are lots of places to get a tattoo – your arm, your shoulder, your ankle. But maybe you like to be a bit unique, or maybe your tattooed-self is mostly for after hours. Either way, you can always get a tattoo in one of the “standard” locations, like the forearm or shoulder, but there are plenty of other excellent places that are less used. These aren’t just great locations because they aren’t as overused, but also because they are much easier to hide when needed.

Armpit Tattoo

Your Armpits

An unusual spot for a tattoo to consider, if you want something unique, is your armpits. This is a highly sensitive spot of your body, so don’t be surprised if there are moments when it is hard to get through the actual inking process.

Bottom of Your Foot

The bottom of your foot is a another location that not many people choose for tattoos, but you can go for it if you really want it. Just keep in mind it might fade faster because you are on your feet a lot, so the friction from the ground, your socks, and your shoes will all cause the tattoo to fade. Really think about this option before you go for it.

Heart Tattoo on Bottom of Foot

On Your Scalp

If you often shave your head, your scalp might be a good place for a tattoo. However, it helps to talk to someone else who has had their head tattooed so you can find out what the experience was like for them. On the bright side, it is easy to cover just by letting your hair grow out if you choose to cover it later in life, or by letting your hair down in the morning before work.

Scalp Tattoo

The Insides of Your Fingers

This is a little less unusual, but it is actually gaining momentum among people who like smaller tattoos. The insides of your fingers are good spots when you want a simple tattoo that is easy to cover up, but that you can also see and show to others when you decide it is a good time.

Tattoos Inside Fingers

On Your Ears

Tattoo behind your ears are actually becoming a lot more popular, especially with small, minimalist tattoos. However, little tattoos actually on your ears are a little more unusual. This is a great spot if you want something other people can see, but that is a bit more unique. However, keep in mind the skin there is right on cartilage and thin, so it is going to hurt quite a bit more than other places on your body.

Ear Tattoo

At the end of the day, the location you choose for your tattoo is a highly personal decision. Don’t worry so much about what is common or uncommon for your tattoo; just make sure it is right for you.


Attributions: Armpit Tattoo by  Claire Westover; Foot tattoo by Organic Authority; Scalp tattoo by Golfian; Ear tattoo by Inkprofy.

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