Do I Really Really Really Want This? – Choosing the Right Tattoo

Can’t quite make up your mind what you want your tattoo to look like? Some people know immediately what tattoo they want and are so sure of their decision, they could go years thinking of that very tattoo and never change their mind. However, if you have wanted a tattoo for 10 years, but the tattoo idea keeps changing, wait until you have found one that you are sure about over a long stretch of time. Here are some other tips for choosing the right tattoo.

Getting Inked

Think About the Meaning of the Tattoo

When you first start thinking about the tattoo design you want to get, start by thinking about the meaning behind the tattoo design and the purpose behind getting it. There doesn’t have to be some deep philosophical meaning behind your tattoo, but it does help to know exactly why you are getting it. Perhaps you just graduated college, which was one of your biggest goals in life, and you want to commemorate it. Great! Think about images that depict how you feel about that goal in life, not necessarily going with something definitive like a cap and gown. You can definitely be creative and use your imagination when you use meaning as the basis for your inspiration.

Give Yourself Some Time Before Getting it

This is advice you will hear a lot, and it bears repeating; do not rush into getting your tattoo. This is how tattoo regrets usually happen. Even if you know you want a tattoo and that hasn’t changed, the type of tattoo and design might change as you get older. Once you think you have chosen the one you want, sit on it for a while and see if you are still just as passionate a few weeks or a few months down the line.

I Love U Tattoo

Make a Mock-up and Try it On

It always helps to see exactly what it will look like in the location you have chosen. You can either have someone trace your design and draw it onto your body in marker, or have an actual fake tattoo made so you can really see it over a few days until it washes off. This lets you make sure the tattoo location, size, color, and design itself is something you are going to be happy with.

Avoid The Most Commonly Covered Tattoos

There are certain tattoos people get that often end up having covered down the road. One of the most commonly covered tattoos is a word or phrase, usually someone’s name. Getting your child’s first name might not be covered, but your boyfriend or girlfriend’s name is a lot more likely to change. Try to avoid getting names of people on your body and go with a design instead.

Couples Tattoos

Maybe consider couples tattoos, rather than names, so if you break up down the road, you’re not stuck with an unwanted tattoo.

Don’t Ignore Your Hesitation

Never ignore that nagging feeling you have that maybe this isn’t the design for you. You will know when you have found the right one, because you can’t stop thinking about it, you are passionate about it, and you have absolutely no misgivings about it.

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