The Least Painful Locations for Tattoos

No matter where on your body you get your tattoo, it’s going to hurt to some degree. If you are heading in for your first tattoo, you probably know it will be painful, but did you know some places don’t hurt quite as much?

Tattoo on Finger

This can be helpful when you don’t know what to expect or when you are sensitive to needle pain. Consider some of these less painful tattoo locations.

The Top of Your Fingers

Your fingers might be small, but they are very complex when it comes to feeling and pain. The least painful tattoos on the fingers are going to be right on top where the hair usually grows, in between your knuckles. There is plenty of skin covering the bone and there aren’t many nerve endings in this location. However, if you get them on the sides of your finger, facing the palm, that is when they are going to start hurting a little more. This is where you tend to have nerve endings that cause more pain.

Your Shoulders

Shoulders are a popular place to get tattoos not only because it is a good placement overall, but because it tends to cause a little less pain. Like the fingers, there aren’t many nerve endings on the outside of your shoulder close to where it meets your arm, as well as behind the shoulder on your back. The only thing you need to be careful about is when there is not a lot of skin on a bony shoulder. Try to avoid getting the tattoo directly on the shoulder bone, and it shouldn’t cause to much pain for you.

On Your Thigh

When it comes to a larger tattoo that is complex and has a lot of color, the thigh is one of the best places for a tattoo. There is more skin to work with, it is generally easier to tattoo in this location since it is smooth, and there should be enough skin and fat covering the bone and nerves to where it doesn’t cause a lot of pain. For a bigger tattoo, really think about using your thighs as the canvas. The back of your calf is another place where it won’t hurt as bad.

Tattoo on Thigh

Under Your Wrists

The inside of your wrist close to the palm of your hand may seem sensitive, but it is actually not a painful location for a tattoo. This is also a great place for minimalist or simple tattoo designs, so it is good for someone who is new to getting a tattoo.

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The Most Painful Locations for Tattoos

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