5 Tips For Working With a Tattoo Artist to Design a Custom Tattoo

There are hundreds of tattoo designs to choose from when getting a tattoo. You can find them online, at the tattoo parlor, in books, and many more places. But when you are choosing a tattoo, it is a really good idea to go with something unique that has more meaning to you and won’t be replicated on dozens of other people.

Tattoo Artist Designing a Tattoo

However, you also need to work closely with a tattoo artist when going with a custom tattoo to make sure they can design what you want. Here are some tips to do that.

1. Know What You Want First

Don’t just walk into a tattoo shop and expect the artist to give you ideas. You need to already have an idea of the type of tattoo you want, including the size, color or lack of color, placement, style, and as many other details as you can provide them. This helps the artist work with you on the custom tattoo and make sure you are happy with it.

2. Bring Sketches or Examples

It helps to show them exactly what you have in mind so they aren’t spending hours drawing sketches of a tattoo that is nothing close to what you wanted. If you can draw or have someone you know draw them, that helps when talking about a truly custom tattoo. However, don’t be afraid to bring any images of other tattoos, pictures, graphics, or anything else that pertains to the type of tattoo you want.

3. Be Respectful of the Tattoo Artist

The tattoo artist is there to help you, so be respectful of them during the design process. Don’t be rude to them if they can’t design it without you telling them what you want, and don’t keep having them draw designs over and over again only for you to turn them down. You want to be happy with your tattoo, but some artists’ style just won’t mesh with yours. Don’t think they understand what you are trying to convey? Find a new tattoo artist that fits your style a little better.

Custom Tattoo

4. Be Honest When Brainstorming With an Artist

If you are sitting down with a tattoo artist and brainstorming some ideas, be honest if you don’t like the suggestions they mention. It is possible they are adjusting the design because their expertise tells them it will look better with the final ink work, but ask questions about why they are changing it. You need to make sure it is something you are happy with, not something you are settling for.

5. Don’t Rush the Artist or Demand a Discount

The tattoo artist is helping you design a custom tattoo, so don’t rush the process. If they are a quality artist, they probably get a lot of business and might be backed up. Be patient with them and don’t make demands of them.

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