Before You Get Your First Tattoo

So you’re ready to go get your first tat, huh? It’s gonna be so cool! But before you head to the tattoo shop for your new ink, there are some things you should know first. By understanding more about tattoos and the process, including the aftercare, you can make an educated decision and avoid tattoo regret.

Woman's Shoulder Tattoo

You’re Going to Have to Take Good Care of it

The first thing that is really important to know about getting tattoos is that the aftercare process is crucial. It is a lot more important than you might imagine. You need to keep the tattoo moist, keep the bandage on, and make sure you don’t pick the scab when it starts to heal. Follow your tattoo artist’s instructions for taking care of it, including when to shower and what products to use on it. They know their stuff, so don’t just use Google to tell you how to take care of it properly.

Needing a Re-touch is Not Uncommon

A fresh tattoo, once it heals, is absolutely beautiful, but don’t assume it will look this way forever. Think about what your hair looks like after it is dyed. It is perfect the first few days, then the color gradually starts to fade the more it is washed. This is what also happens with tattoos, but the fresh look lasts a lot longer. When your tattoo is on an area of your body where there is a lot of friction from your clothing or other body parts, then it is probably going to fade faster and need more touching up.

Getting a Tattoo

It May Hurt More Than You Think

Some people get a tattoo and are pleasantly surprised that it isn’t as painful as people warned, while others can’t believe it hurts this much. You know yourself and how much pain you can tolerate, so keep that in mind when you decide to get a tattoo. You may not want a huge and complicated design right on your rib bones as your very first tattoo if you are more on the sensitive side. Really think about getting a simple one for your first time.

Some Locations Hurt Less Than Others

There are certain parts of your body that tattoos hurt far more or hurt far less, so become familiar with them. The more painful spots are anywhere there are nerve endings, bone, or thinner skin. This might be on your knee, your elbow, finger knuckles, and anywhere with bone. Locations with more skin and fat, such as your belly, upper arms, thighs, and shoulders won’t be as painful.

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