4 Tips To Help You Avoid Tattoo Regret

Removing a tattoo can be a painful and long drawn out process. If it’s not done correctly, there can be scarring involved. Nothing lasts forever, but a tattoo comes pretty close. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, it should never be something you rush into.

Temporary Tattoo

This is one of the biggest reasons you might end up regretting your tattoo. Here are some ways you can avoid tattoo regrets and be completely satisfied with the one you have chosen.

Take Your Time

Be patient when deciding on the tattoo, from deciding if you really want a tattoo, to all of the details of the design. You don’t want to regret getting a tattoo in color if later down the line you wished you had chosen black, or getting it a lot bigger than you wanted. If you are at your appointment with the artist and they have drawn it a bit off from what you imagined, don’t feel pressured to get it done! Before they begin, speak up if you’re not absolutely sure about your choice. They will understand your hesitation and prefer you are happy with your tattoo.

Try a Fake Tattoo First

Have a fake tattoo made from the design you have chosen for your ink. This lets you actually wear it around, see how it looks, and make sure the details of the tattoo are a good fit. It is possible that you originally thought the hibiscus flower would look great next to your belly button, but after a few days, you really weren’t happy with where it was placed. This is why you try it on first. It lets you move it around until you really are truly happy with the location and size.

Choose the Right Artist

Another thing that can lead to tattoo regret is not choosing the right artist. There are a lot of really talented tattoo artists, but even if one of them does great work, their style might not fit the style you want. Just because your neighborhood tattoo artist has worked on the American Traditional tats for all your friends, doesn’t mean she will be able to pull off the watercolor tattoo you want. These are two completely different styles and techniques, so try to find someone who has the perfect style for you.

Girl Applying Tattoo

Stay Away From Emotional Tattoos

Emotional tattoos are ones that you get because of something that happens in your life that you want to remember. While it may seem like a good reason at the time, they are often done in haste. Don’t run into a tattoo parlor immediately after your dog dies assuming you will want his face on your thigh for the rest of your life. Give yourself some time and be patient with the design process, get over the grieving process, then decide if you still want it.

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