The Most Painful Locations for Tattoos

Of course there’s some degree of pain involved in getting a tattoo. After all, someone is poking a little needle into you over and over. But did you know that some parts of your body are more painful than others, when it comes to getting a tattoo? You may love the idea of getting a tattoo on the top of your feet or hands, but these also happen to be among the most painful locations for tattoos. It helps to know the most painful tattoo locations so you can make a good decision about where yours should be placed.

Tattoos on the Hands

On Your Hands

The tops of your hands can be quite boney, which is where most of the pain comes from with tattoos in this location. There are also quite a few nerve endings and ligaments there that cause more pain. While the tops of your fingers where the hair grows isn’t a painful spot, anywhere on your knuckles, or directly on top of your hands on the bone is going to hurt quite a bit. There is very thin skin covering the bone, which is where a lot of the pain is going to exist. However, if you choose a tattoo on the wrist or on the side of your palm, it will be a little less painful.

Over Your Elbow

The inside and outside of your elbow is going to hurt, but directly on the elbow bone is excruciating for some people. Like your hands and other bony spots of your body, not a lot of skin covers your elbow. The skin is being tattooed right on an extremely sensitive bone. It is also an awkward angle, so the finished result will change as your arm moves. Tattoo artists often turn down a tattoo on an elbow, so if you are absolutely sure about this location, it may take some searching until you find someone willing to do it.

Behind Your Knee

Behind your knee you aren’t dealing with pain from the bone, but it is very sensitive. This is one of the sensitive parts of your body, where someone just touching the skin can cause you to jump. Imagine what would happen if this area was handled and tattooed with needles? The back of the knee is one of the least tattooed parts of the body, partially because of the amount of discomfort it can cause.

Tattoo on the Ankle

On Your Ankle

Your ankle is another bony spot on your body, so the location really matters. If you want an ankle tattoo, try to get it a bit above your ankle where it isn’t directly on bone. It may still hurt a bit, not as much as further down directly on that ankle bone. Your tattoo artist should let you know the best location for this type of tattoo.

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