Try A Minimalist Tattoo

What is a minimalist tattoo? Minimalist tattoos are among many types of tattoos that are popular right now. These tattoos are very small and usually in locations like the wrist, side of the rib cage, and behind the ear. Here is more information about why minimalist tattoos are so popular.

Minimal Tattoo

They Are Easy to Hide and Cover

First of all, minimalist tattoos aren’t just simple, but a much smaller size. They are often just black, though some small tattoos have color as well. These tattoos are so small that they are typically easy to cover, such as if you are headed in for a job interview and don’t want it to steal the main focus. They are also easier to cover if you ever change your mind about the type of ink you have in that location.

You Can Place Them Just About Anywhere

Because of their small size, these tattoos can find a place just about anywhere on your body. From behind your neck or ear to in between your breasts, you won’t run out of good locations. Some of the more popular locations for minimalist tattoos include behind the ear, on the side of the rib cage, underneath the breast, on the wrist, between fingers and toes, and next to the ankle.

They Let You Experience a Tattoo

If you know you want ink, but you are a little nervous about the pain or what it feels like, it is good to start with a minimalist tattoo. Since they don’t take a long time and are much smaller, you can get a tattoo and know what to expect, so that you are able to decide if you ever want bigger and more elaborate tattoos in the future. Even if it causes you a little more pain than what you were expecting, it shouldn’t take as long.

Small Tattoo

You Won’t Pay As Much

Ink can be a big investment, and it makes sense since the artist is using their expertise to put a permanent design on your body. You should never look at it as something you want to get done cheaply, but the tattoos are typically priced based on the difficulty level, amount of color, and how long they will take. Since your simplistic minimalist tattoo is easier to do, smaller, and takes much less time, it is probably not going to cost you as much either. However, you should still do your due diligence to find a highly reputable and experienced tattoo artist.

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