Try It Out With A Temporary Tattoo

Thinking of getting a tattoo? Worried that you might regret your decision later? If the answer to both these questions is yes, temporary tattoos have your name written all over them.

Temporary Rose Tattoo

It is an excellent decision to try out temporary tattoos before getting a real one. Many people get a new tattoo and a few months later wish they hadn’t or wish that they had tattooed it in a different part of the body. By then, it’s too late.

Temporary tattoos are not a new thing. You may recall seeing them inside of bubble gum wrappers or sold as stickers in toy stores. In almost all cases, the tattoos were nothing more than a colorful, gooey mess, but as a kid, they were enough to leave you elated.

Excellent Quality

Well, you’re all grown up now. Guess what? There are many temporary tattoos that are of very good quality and from a short distance away, look as good as the real thing. Temporary tattoos have all the pros of a real tattoo and none of the cons.

Temporary Tattoos

They look good and there are a wide variety of designs. Unlike real tattoos, they are not permanent, not painful and there is no risk of infection or disease due to unsanitary practices by the tattoo artists. After a few days or a week, you may wash them off and apply a new one that you fancy… and they are inexpensive, too. It really just doesn’t get any better.

The only drawback is that they will wear off with time. If you really like the design, that can be a negative point. Of course, if you really love it, you can have the design made permanent.

Gauge Your Interest

Temporary tattoos should be used to gauge your interest in actually getting a tattoo. If you’re a young lady who wishes to get a tattoo of a rose on her chest, go ahead and try it out with a temporary tattoo first and see if you like the results.

Your dad may throw a fit. You may receive stares from men, many of which will be unwelcome. What truly matters is how you feel about the sudden attention and the effect of the tattoo. If you are fine with it and really enjoy having the tattoo, then go ahead and get a real one in the same spot.

Roses Tattoos

This may be more than you’d want to start with!

However, if all the unwanted attention makes you feel self-conscious and suddenly the tattoo seems too risqué and a bad idea, you can just wash it off and maybe try placing the tattoo in another spot and see how that goes.

Trial and Error Method

This trial and error method is something that you can never do with a real tattoo. It will save you disappointment and regret. There are many men too who have gotten tribal designs tattooed on their arms and later on felt like it just wasn’t them. They would have preferred tattooing their daughter’s name.

It’s all about personal preference and as human beings, we often have fickle natures. Many of us are not sure what we want. Use the temporary tattoos to find out if a tattoo is what you truly want and not some passing fad you lose interest in with time. Like they say – nothing in life is permanent but death and taxes… and tattoos.

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